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Star Trek XI: The Reboot

Popcorn Article by Jonathan Soleymani
July 18, 2005

Paramount Pictures is currently developing "Star Trek XI," a reboot of the entire series from the ground up. This time, with Rick Berman out of the loop (the man that took over after Gene Roddenberry's passing), the studio has "Alias" creator J.J. Abrams putting the project together as both Executive Producer and Director. The screenplay is being written along side the writing duo of Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci, the guys behind "The Legend of Zorro," "The Island" and "Transformers."

Although cast has not been announced, and in fact nothing has been announced beyond a December 2008 release (and this one-sheet poster), I thought I'd take the opportunity to put together our own version of a revamped cast...enjoy!

What do you think? Agree? Disagree? Email me and let me might change my mind!


Captain James T. Kirk - Matt Damon
His name has been in the mix from the beginning, and its rumored that even William Shatner has given the OK on this one.

Will he don the swagger and become the futuristic John F Kennedy (the person Kirk was originally based on)? The fact is, Damon can act, looks the part, and has a marquis name to bring to the movie poster.

There are some problems here though...
Can Paramount afford him?
Does he want to do multiple movies?
Do he want to step into Shatner's shoes?

Only time will tell, but he's EVERYONE's choice right now.

Mr Spock - Zachary Quinto
His name might be new to most of you, but he played the evil 'Sylar' in last season's NBC hit, "Heroes."

He's creepy, scary, a little alien-like, and has the look. Now imagine him saying "Live Long, and Prosper" in that creepy voice from Heroes. I don't know about you, but I get chills right up my spine.

Could this be the role he needs to make it big and become part of the mainstream? It would be huge for his career, assuming he can work around his "Heroes" shooting schedule - remember, he did make it out of the finale, somehow.

UPDATE: He's been officially cast as YOUNG Spock...alongside Leonard Nimoy, who will play OLD Spock!

Dr. Leonard H. "Bones" McCoy - Josh Lucas
Not the first person you'd think of, I know. But, who can really ever replace the late, great DeForest Kelley. Josh Lucas plays the "Oh yeah, that guy" role in most of his know, the guy that you see and go "Oh yeah, that guy." But, take his southern charm from the movie "Sweet Home Alabama," mixed with the fact that he looks a little older than Damon's Kirk, and you could have that famous line, "He's dead, Jim" role right off his tongue. (He's actually one year younger than Damon, but whatever. Damon has a baby-face.)

This could be a defining moment in his career, so its a sure bet that if he's offered the role, he should take it!

Chief Engineer Montgomery "Scotty" Scott - Billy Boyd
Now, this was hard. Come up with someone with command capability (he's 3rd on the ship, after Kirk and Spock), someone with a Scottish accent (or can fake it), and is as lovable as the late Jimmy Doohan.

Billy Boyd is both a lovable Hobbit, and can do a great Scottish accent. He would be a great 4th man to the Big 3 (Kirk, Spock and Bones, duh).

And how funny would it be to hear "Captain, I cannae give her anymore!"

Lt. Uhura - Leila Arcieri
One of the most gorgeous black women in hollywood, she could be the eye-candy that all geeks are waiting for. With several B movies, direct-to-video films and TV stints ("Son of the Beach"), she should be ready for the mainstream...and every geek's dreams!

Frequencies open, Captain...VERY open!

Pavel Chekov - Topher Grace
I know...not the most conventional. But remember that he has the baby-face and can play innocent. He can also match well with John Cho's Sulu (above), and can even be created as a good student-mentor relationship with Damon's Kirk (above).

We know he can act ("In Good Company"), he's geek-friendly, and female geeks love him.

"Course heading, Keptin?"

Hikaru Sulu - John Cho
Come on...its a given! John Cho played Harold in the "White Castle" film, and was also the guy that came up with 'MILF' in "American Pie." He can play a young, almost naive counterpart to Chekov, but also be a strong enough personality to be the helmsman of the Starship Enterprise.

Besides, who wouldn't want to run around the bridge of the USS Enterprise, shirtless, swinging a sword around?!

Lt. Saavik - Megan Fox
Right off of her HUGELY successful film, Transformers, Megan Fox is one of the newest, hottest women in the world. In fact, she's so hot, she might not be human - perfect to play Spock's Vulcan Pon Farr interest, Lt Saavik.

Just imagine Fox in a Pon Farr with Zachary Quinto's Spock (see above)...bizarre, and yet VERY sexy.

Villains - Klingons!
Come just have to have the Klingons! Check out these possibilities!

Samuel L Jackson
Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson
Michael Clarke Duncan
Tyrese Gibson

What do you think? Agree? Disagree?
Email me
and let me might change my mind!


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