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Rush Hour 3
Stuck in Traffic...

Popcorn Review by Jonathan Soleymani
August 12, 2007

Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker return for what is presumably one last adventure in the third film in the Rush Hour series. Debuting with a $50 million dollar opening weekend, the series has become a global juggernaut, somewhat being on par with buddy-action series such as Beverly Hills Cop and Lethal Weapon. But, as everyone has seen, the 3rd (or 4th) in a series generally doesn't bring about the same fun, excitement and intrigue as the first or second film.

In this film, Inspector Lee (Chan) travels with Detective Carter (Tucker) to Paris, France to finally bring down the Triads - the worldwide criminal organization they've been chasing since the first movie. The movie is filled with jokes and references to the first two movies, and certainly has a continuity between all three movies. Something not easy to do, considering this wasn't planned as a trilogy.

With Inspector Lee's adoptive brother being the person they are chasing, clearly, the franchise is reaching to continue on. Really though? Was that necessary? NO.

Was it necessary for Chris Tucker to CLEARLY ad lib most of his jokes? NO. If the script is good enough, comedians don't need to ad lib EVERYTHING. Sure, a few lines here and there. But clearly, Tucker took this to a whole new level as series director Brett Ratner let him do what he wanted. Sure, he's funny. But he can't pull it off as easily as he did in the first two films.

Chan is good as Inspector Lee, but clearly, the franchise is getting stale, and he's getting a little old to be jumping off rooftops. Don't get me wrong - Jackie Chan is good at what he does. BUT, its time to end this.

In regards to ACTION, the first two movies were a little more believable. But to jump off the Eiffel Tower in a make-shift parachute and land unharmed? For God's sake...

The jokes are there. The laughter is there. The action is there. But, it needs to be a little fresher...and just isn't.

Bottom line...
In the mood for a comedy? Sure, it's good. Is it great? No. Is it better than the first two? No. Will you laugh and enjoy yourself? Sure. But with a summer filled with better films, you may want to skip this and check out something else at the multiplex.


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