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Popcorn Review by Jonathan Soleymani
November 13, 2007

The book has finally made it to the big screen, and it was given the royal treatment with an IMAX 3-D version. The CGI animation is pretty good, and the story keeps moving, so it is enjoyable. But who's the audience? The movie is a little too violent and sexual for kids, and a too animated and ridiculous at times for adults.

Although the animation is good, its not perfect. There are times where the animation is too cartoony, then suddenly VERY realistic. That takes away from the overall enjoyment.

The accents are a little tough, especially Grendal. I had NO IDEA what he was saying!

The overall acting is a little much - a little TOO much overacting. The movie is basically written and directed for 15 year old boys, who had to read the book in high school.

The action is good, Angelina Jolie is hot, and the movie is fun (again, if you're 15). With the IMAX 3-D treatment, it makes all the difference, and makes the movie FUN to watch. There's some great fight scenes and good monsters. The movie is pure, easy and light.

Bottom line...
Sure, go see it if you're interested. BUT, if you're going, see it on IMAX 3-D. Makes ALL the difference!

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