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I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry
Adam and Friends are Back!

Popcorn Review by Ilana Susnow
July 28, 2007

Adam Sandler has done it again! If you want 110 minutes of laugh out loud fun then don't miss this movie. Adam Sandler and Kevin James are the perfect mix of straight men supporting gay rights without offending anyone or crossing the line. The jokes all have a punch line and you never feel they are trying too hard to make the humor work. And for all you Jessica Biel fans out there…yet another reason to see this movie. You will wish she was really an attorney and that you needed her legal advice!

Not really any negatives unless you get offended by straight men pretending to be domestic partners so they can get pension benefits. But if that sounds offensive, all is resolved in the movie and no one gets in trouble in the end. After all, the fraud is for a good cause! If you are not an Adam Sandler fan then this movie may not be the one for you.

A laugh out loud good time. Adam Sandler as a Brooklyn firefighter. Jessica Biel in her bra and underwear. Rob Schnieder, Steve Buschemi and all your other favorite Sandler friends.

Bottom Line
If you are a Sandler fan then you should add this movie to your Happy Madison Productions collection.


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