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Shrek The Third
Funny, but eh...

Popcorn Review by Jonathan Soleymani
July 7, 2007

After two good films, you can see that the writers and producers are LOOKING for storybooks to make fun of. Shrek was good, Shrek 2 was great, and this one...well...could have been better.

A little slow, and a boring fairly slow story, made this film somewhat dissapointing. I've always been a fan of the King Arthur legend, and this COULD have been a very funny poke at that. Instead, it just made fun of itself, and was LOOKING for jokes. And where was Arthur's famed Excalibur sword? Why wasn't that part of the plot?

The usual cast is good, but not great. Puss in Boots isn't used well, Shrek and Donkey are just annoying.

The women this time are much better. Bad asses in thier own way, this time, the women take a little more center stage as they are right in the front of the fight to take bake the castle and Far, Far Away.

Bottom line...
Overall, not bad...but not great either. If you're a HUGE fan of the first two, you might be dissapointed. But, it still might be worth seeing just for fun. If you're a family, fine, its a good family film. But, it lakes the BITE of the original two, and its clear that the story book is coming to an end...are they REALLY doing a 4th one? YIKES!

(Who ever said a studio exec has taste...or a brain!)




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