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Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End
Man Overboard?

Popcorn Review by Sarica Cohen
July 10, 2007

As a Pirates 1 and 2 convert, I was looking forward to the latest of the trilogy but after rushing to see it at the coveted El Capitan Theater, I departed a little on the disappointed side. As my friend summarized after the film, “it was a bit ridiculous.” However, the film did have some redeeming qualities which enabled me to happily become lost in a world of pirates and bad teeth.

The film's fast paced storyline was drowned out by very little substance and the strange marriage proposal didn't quite fit. The additional surprise love story was difficult to believe, Keira Knightly's supposed rallying speech left me rolling my eyes, and Chow Yun-Fat's role was too limited.

However, being an optimist, the film did have redeeming qualities, most notably; Jack Sparrow's hallucinations (hysterical and clever!), incredible visual effects especially at the end, and, without a doubt, the ironic and incredible performance by Keith Richards.

The "easy on the eyes" cast still performed excellently and Jack Sparrow really never gets old. All in all, I remained satisfied in the film although it fell short of my expectations.

Bottom line…
If you are a Pirates lover, it may not live up to the previous two, but don't let that Black Pearl set sail without having another chance to say, “Ay, matey. Bring me more rum!”

Oh, and for those of you who don't mind sitting through the credits, there will most definitely be a special treat for you at the end.













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