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Ocean's 13
Class and Style

Popcorn Review by Jonathan Soleymani
July 7, 2007

Ocean's 13 is (most likely) the final chapter in a trilogy of movies where the actors, Clooney, Pitt, Damon, Mac, Gould, etc have more fun filming than the audience has seeing the movie. But, that's saying a lot considering you can tell how much these guys really are FRIENDS! Something you don't see often in Hollywood, where these guys genuinely are friends and enjoy working with each other. And it shows!

Although its an improvement over Ocean's 12, the dismal sequel to the Rat Pack remake, this still had a lot more that could have been done. Its still a great heist film, but it clearly wasn't as polished as the first movie. I think the guys should have spent a little more time on the script, a little more time putting together a film that was as good as the original, and a little less time on magazine covers.

Tons of characters, lots of twists, multiple inside jokes, and some nods to the original Frank Sinatra film. Class and style, something the second movie was sorely missing, are finally brought back for this film. THANK GOD! It's clear that Clooney's Ocean's 11 was the best of the trilogy, but this one is still pretty good.

Bottom Line...
If you're a fan of the trilogy, and/or a fan of the Sinatra original, go see this movie. Its a great way to tie up loose ends, have some fun and see old friends one last time. And there's tons of eye candy for the women...and even some for the guys too! A popcorn movie for sure, with lots of laughs and some great fun. Enjoy!

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